721 Productions is an independent film production company based in London.

Our aim is to make low budget, high concept, commercially viable movies for the world-wide audience.

We believe it is possible to make engaging and entertaining story driven low budget movies, which can stand out and grab the attention of film audiences around the world.


PAUL EMMANUEL - Writer/Director/Producer
Paul is a multi-award winning Director with over 10 years of script writing experience. His passion for films started at a very early age, with films by Directors James Cameron, John Woo and Paul Verhoeven having the biggest influence on his life.

Check out Paul's Linkedin profile here & IMDB profile here

STEVE MARSHALL - Director of Photography
Steve is an award winning cinematographer, whose work has been in competition in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. He has worked on various projects ranging from feature films, documentaries, music videos, short dramas and motor racing promos. He loves manipulating light to tell a story. He has extensive knowledge of digital film cameras including Alexa and Red.

Check out Steve's work here & IMDB profile here

DAVE HARE - Editor
Dave is a multi-talented filmmaker with over 15 years of experience. He has worked on feature films, shorts, music and corporate videos. As an Editor, he's a bit of a perfectionist, always striving to bring out the best in other people's work. He's known as a one-man filmmaking machine to his friends.

Check out Dave's website here & IMDB profile here

HARRY SINGH - Associate Producer
Harry is passionate about films. He works tirelessly in helping emerging filmmakers get their projects off the ground. He's the kind of person you would remember long after a brief conversation. He is a valuable asset to any production.

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